For the Weekend

Weekend21. I have watched Wicked three times now and it never gets old! For all you Wicked fans, this will brighten up your day a whole lot. I can only sum it up in Kristin’s words, “holy crap, harmony.”

2. Thai iced tea is a must when devouring down some spicy Thai food. But who knew it’s super simple to create?! I didn’t until I landed on White on Rice Couple’s blog recipe. Time to catch up on some Hunger Games reading while sipping on some of this.

3. I’ve always wanted to have my own garden. Life would be so much simpler if I can just step out a few feet to my backyard and pick my own fruits and veggies. Now, there are efforts out there to put in community gardens! The whole thing sounds pretty cool to me.

4. This is for those of you who watched Pacific Rim or you can watch this and Google the synopsis. Nonetheless, I completely agree with their version. The sword thing–that was my exact sentiment during the movie.

Have a great weekend!


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